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Vol 12 No 1 (2018): The Landscape of Artistic and Creative Education in 2018
Landscape view from Reykjavik Harbour
The UNESCO Seoul Agenda (2010) calls for “a concerted effort to realise the full potential of high quality arts education to positively renew educational systems, to achieve crucial social and cultural objectives, and ultimately to benefit children, youth and life-long learners of all ages” (p.2). With this agenda in mind, the Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education and JACE Editors invited contributing authors to consider the discussions that emerge from this position and the landscape in which practice thrives. As the landscape continues to shift, grow, melt and be harvested, cut back, depleted, re-planted and to regrow - creative and artistic education finds itself in both a precarious position in some spaces, and more hopeful and sustainable sites of enrichment in others. This our first issue in Open Journal Systems (OJS), extends the concept and metaphor of the landscape in artistic and creative education to our colleagues and communities, and asks you to explore the emerging issues felt, realised and opened as a result of the UNESCO Seoul Agenda. These concepts of the precarious, and the sustainable can be discussed through critical dialogue in visual and theoretical papers, conceptual and practice driven articles or advocacy essays that have a call to action or raise awareness of artistic and creative education in your social, environmental, political and cultural site.  
Published: 2018-11-28

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JACE is an inter/cross/multidisciplinary journal in its reflection of teaching and learning contexts in the arts, and seeks to present a range of artistic and creative education practices. It has been a space for educators, practitioners and researchers to create, evaluate, analyse and hypothesise issues in artistic and creative education in a range of educational contexts internationally for over ten years.  JACE is supported and published by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, as  an English language journal that promotes relationships between the arts and education, while addressing issues in, through and across artistic and creative education sites.

We are keen to publish and share practice and research that explore the relationships between education and the arts; present and investigate multiple viewpoints in artistic and creative education; consider teaching and learning in the arts (formal and informal); and, ways in which arts based and praxis oriented issues across a diverse range of educational contexts through visual/textual forms can be explored.