Leaning into disequilibrium Volume 15, Number 1 update


Dear colleagues, 

When we posed the '30th November JACE Volume 15, Number 1 2021 Published' deadline at the end of 2020 it seemed oh so possible as we thought about what 2021 might be like. 

But 2021 was a different year than expected. So many unexpected things have continued flooding our time as new layers of hidden pandemic workload and shifting time crept up stairs and under doors to overwhelm or knock us off our feet for a moment. It also happened to so many of our AMAZING editorial review board as they too missed our deadlines and wrote us 'sorry' emails. 

As a result, we will be publishing JACE 15 (1), 2021 early in the new year as we post our 2022 CFP's. It is a bumper filled and jam-packed issue that includes many visual essays and long papers.

Acknowledgements to our reviewers

We would like to express our gratitude to all ERB members of Journal of Artistic and Creative Education and those who have made great contributions to JACE for their excellent work and the professional spirit during the difficult year.  

Without the generosity, creativity, knowledge, and dedication of reviewers, JACE would not achieve what it does and still hopes to do as an open access site for practice-related and arts-based educational research.

We thank all our authors, reviewers, and readers and wish you all a happy and healthy end to 2021 and a Happy New Year.

We are excited by new opportunities and collaborations for 2022 - what ever it throws at us.

All good wishes,

Kate and Richard