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On a stiflingly hot January afternoon in Melbourne we, the guest editors of this edition of JACE, met with Series Editors Dr Kathryn Coleman and Dr Richard Sallis to plot our call for papers for this special edition. It was at the end of a long day for us all at the University of Melbourne, with Kelly and Toby having just finished an intensive week delivering dramatic workshops exploring active pedagogies with teachers, while Sarah was busy adjusting to her new role of managing the Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change project (ILETC). Our studio practices and planning had offered an important reflective outlet in the days before this meeting. Our work had drawn all three of us away from the continuing realities of the bushfires ravaging  our country, and our collectively growing concerns for a mysterious virus, yet to be named, that was on the verge of changing everything. In such disquiet, it is both telling and significant that the concept of studio remained at the forefront of our focus as we drew up our call for papers.