Post studio methods: being scicurious as a site for research


  • Ana Ward-Davies
  • Branislava Godic
  • Sarah Healy
  • Kathryn Coleman
  • Catriona Nguyen-Robertson
  • Niels Wouters
  • James Urlini
  • Jarrah Shubsmith


post-studio, post collaborative, post relational, practice-led research, lived research, speculative research, professional learning community


SciCurious exists within a post-studio paradigm, devoid of any fixed site or disciplinary framework. It emphasises collaboration and curiosity, operating without the common disciplinary constraints that can determine conventional spaces. Scicuriosity instead emerges as a post-studio practice of (un)sited, lived research. Informed by critical autoethnographic practice, this article takes up a narrative approach to explore the role of physical site (or lack thereof) and the role of curiosity in contemporary research. In order to unravel SciCurious as a research (un)site, the authors engage with, and present da(r)tafacts of, two data-events which the co-research team refer to as ‘zine travels’ and ‘the hundreds’. In so doing, this article questions how we can disentangle disciplinary knowledge to make way for collaborative interdisciplinary, intergenerational research.