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Inhabiting the non-site


  • Violet Aisling MacDonald University of Melbourne


Ghosts are time travellers — the echoes of entities from one time finding themselves trapped in another. They are, in effect, the perfect metaphor through which to examine the ideas, methodologies, and objects that I work with and produce. Through my practice I primarily explore sites and modes of destabilisation. In this context, production itself is not a single generative act, instead a constantly evolving process. Thus, the studio exists as a state of being, not a singular site of creative production and generation. The work exists and is born out of interrelationships and interactions. Consequently, the generative act — the act of destabilisation — is where the studio exists. Studio as a verb, not a noun. A thing that is done, not a place that is visited. Studio exists within the bounds of practice. And so, in this essat I set out to explore some of the modes of destabilisation that are at that core of this practice. To understand the studio as a non-site, we need to situate ourselves within this zone; we have to inhabit the non-site.