Insight into site: (Re)considering space in Dance education through connectivism


  • Peter Cook School of Education, Southern Cross University


Dance education, Choreogpraphic practice, Connectivism


In Dance education, space is a constant discussion point. It is the place where action occurs, but for choreographers of all levels of experience, it offers stimulus, limitations, opportunities and solutions. This paper considers the potentialities that have opened as a result of the need to implement a new unit into a senior school Dance syllabus. The provocations that erupt within this research ask the Dance educator to (re)think space conceptually and consider how it may become more integral to the choreographic practice. How is this further advanced when technological opportunities promote the use of virtual spaces for both content and form? The working studio, along with the location of choreography, is questioned through the notions of space/site/environments. Connectivism, as a digital learning theory, offers a framework for discussion given the acknowledgment that knowledge and experiences can be understood through non-human appliances. Furthermore, that collaboration with and through networks and resources is pivotal to learning.