Science and the landscape of artistic and creative education


  • Maurizio Toscano Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne


Science, Science Education, Heidegger, art, work, education, things, practice


This paper examines the questions concerning whether and how the domains of science and science education might expand the practical and conceptual landscape available to artistic and creative educators. It does so through a philosophical inquiry that parallels that of Martin Heidegger’s in his seminal work: On the origin of the work of art. Following alongside, and in constant dialogue with Heidegger’s arguments, this paper explores the nature of things and practices in science education and the relationship between the two. This inquiry allows us to re-imagine the landscape of science education in terms of key pairing between things, works and truth. In doing so, we come to better understand and appreciate the extent of the educational landscape that both art and science educators share.