What can the press do? Layering in-between the learning experiences in the studio


  • Megan Jane McPherson University of Melbourne


Studio, Learning and teaching, practice


Learning experiences in the university studio are embedded within cultural and disciplinary practices that are informed in part by the space and place, and the relations inbetween. Students and educators need to consider how disciplinary notions and boundaries are addressed by the practices enacted and embodied in the university studio. In this paper, I focus on the space and place of print studios, although embedded in a canon of disciplinary practice address contemporary university and artistic needs. This paper draws on my experiences of student, educator, artist and visiting artist in print studios over the last thirty years and my study of the crit (2018) which was based in university print studios.  I use visual ethnographic and post qualitative methods to think through my experience of visiting and photographing the studio spaces. Responses to space and place are affective, I deconstruct the space and its usage, and what and how the practices demand through enacted and embodied responses.