From then to now

Building Interculturalism and fighting racism as a graduate teacher


  • Cassandra Truong University of Melbourne Alumni


arts-inquiry, Australian education, autoethnography, intercultural capability, intercultural education, narrative, racism


This paper details some complications and situations faced in the first few weeks of attempting to build a culturally inclusive primary art classroom as a graduate ethnic artist teacher. The researcher uses both auto-ethnographic and a/r/tographic methodologies to guide her as she explores through reflective, narrative and creative practices what it means for her to currently fight racism and build a space that is free for all cultures and individuals to share stories. Due to the highly personalised nature of these methods of research, the researcher acknowledges that all results cannot be generalised, however the paper aims to draw out an emotional experience to develop empathy, and to highlight the needs for educating about racism alongside building Intercultural capabilities in students.