In 2019 JACE will publish two editions in the first and second half of 2019. The first is positioned to pose global questions to the artistic and creative education community about creating culturally and socially just learning and teaching through 'interculturalisms'.

Authors are invited to consider ways that the sites and spaces we practice, learn, teach and research in cancontribute to or hinder social and cultural change.

Papers that consider the multiples roles that artistic and creative education plays locally and globally in inclusion, injustice, affect and culturally responsive and culturally relevant transformative learning are sought after.

We would like authors to pose questions that are explored and opened through spatial, relational and material practices in visual essays, arts-based methods and (post)qualitative inquiries.

The word length of papers should not exceed 5000 words, with visual essays accepted at 3500 words with between 5 and 10 images embedded.